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【亚搏代理官网】巴托梅乌的迷惑操作:一人加盟9个月 从未出场也从未亮相

After the summer window was closed, Barcelona officially announced the jersey number for this season. Surprisingly, Mateus Fernandez, who was once on the cleansing list, will wear the number 19 jersey. A player who has never played for Barcelona or even held the joining ceremony, but unexpectedly joined the first team roster, which once again reflects Bartomeu's chaotic management.

夏季窗口关闭后,巴塞罗那正式宣布了本赛季的球衣号码。出人意料的是,曾经入选清洗名单的Mateus Fernandez将穿着19号球衣。一位从未为巴塞罗那队效力甚至从未举行过加入仪式的球员,但出人意料地加入了第一阵容,这再次反映了巴托梅乌的混乱管理。

On the last day of the winter window, Barcelona announced the signing of the 22-year-old Mateus from Palmeiras with a transfer fee of 7 million euros and a bonus of 3 million euros. Born in 1998, Mateus was born i亚搏备用n Botafogo's youth training. In January 2019, he switched to Palmeiras and scored 1 goal in 11 appearances.

在冬季窗口的最后一天,巴塞罗那宣布从帕尔梅拉斯签署22岁的Mateus,转会费为700万欧元,奖金为300万欧元。 Mateus出生于1998年,出生于Botafogo的青年训练班。 2019年1月,他转投Palmeiras并在11场比赛中打进1球。

Palmeiras Sports Director Matos revealed, “In October 2019, I called Andre Curry (the former Barcelona scout in charge of Brazil) and asked him to talk to Abidal because I want him to see a player, Curry thinks it is Dudu. Abidal went to see the reserve team training, I said to him,'Look at No. 35.' At the time, they thought I was crazy. 'Do you want to sell us a Palmeiras reserve player? Can he play for Barcelona?'"

帕尔梅拉斯体育总监马托斯透露:“ 2019年10月,我打电话给安德烈·库里(Andrew Curry,前负责巴西的巴塞罗那球探),并请他与阿比达尔交谈,因为我希望他见到一名球员,库里认为这是杜杜。我对他说,阿比达尔去看预备队的训练,“看看35号。”当时,他们以为我疯了。 '你想卖给我们一个帕尔梅拉斯的替补球员吗?他可以为巴塞罗那效力吗?”

After the winter window joined Barcelona, ​​Mateus-Fernandez was immediately loaned to Valladolid. However, he only got 3 appearances last season, against Atletico, Eval and Betis, and only played 166 minutes in total. In Xia Chuang, Mateus returned to Barcelona, ​​but when Barcelona introduced the two new aids, Pedri and Trincon, Mateus became an "invisible man."


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Not only did the Brazilian midfielder not appear at the Nou Camp as a new player, but also did not get a chance to play in the preseason. On September 14th, Mateus injured the biceps femoris of his right leg and is still absent due to the injury. Like Umtiti, Dembele, Fierpo, Alenia, Puig, and Braithwaite, Matteus is also on Koman's cleaning list.

巴西中场不仅没有以新球员的身份出现在诺坎普球场,而且也没有机会参加季前赛。 9月14日,Mateus受伤了右腿的股二头肌,但由于亚搏备用受伤而仍然缺席。像Umtiti,Dembele,Fierpo,Alenia,Puig和Braithwaite一样,Matteus也在Koman的清洁名单上。

However, just like Braithwaite who got the No. 9 jersey, Matthaus also stayed because no one wanted to buy it. In the midfielder position, Barcelona have Busquets, Pjanic, Frankie De Jong, Alenia, Puig and other players, which means that Mateus may not get a chance to complete his debut. .

但是,就像获得9号球衣的布雷斯韦特一样,马特豪斯也留下来,因为没人愿意买。在中场位置,巴塞罗那拥有布斯克茨,潘贾尼克,法兰西·德容,阿莱尼亚,普伊格和其他球员,这意味着马特乌斯可能没有机会完成自己的处子秀。 。



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