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Confrontation: Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao VS Hebei China Fortune


Game time: 19:35 on October 21, 2020


Venue: Kunshan Sports Center Stadium

Venue: Ku南山sports center stadium

The past record of the two teams in the first 6 encounters: Evergrande has 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss




The world of football is so magical. It is also the result of a 3-1 score. If the opponent recovers 1 goal in a good situation of 3 goals, everyone will still think that this is an easy victory; but like Guangzhou Heng The game process that Dataobao team experienced in the first round of the first round of the championship group and the Hebei Huaxia Xingfu team-fell behind by 1 goal in the first half, and then rose up to catch up and scored 3 goals in the second half. The reversal is often regarded as a surprise. It's hard to win the game...whatever, with the advantages established in the first round, whether it is hard power or confidence, Evergrande will have almost no problem in the second round as long as it performs normally and advances to the next round. The team should abandon all distracting thoughts at this moment, take advantage of the victory and pursue, continue to be strong, and let players in good condition continue to maintain stable performance.




In this match with China Fortune, Evergrande’s performance in the first and second half of the game was judged by the performance of the two teams, which suffices to explain: the current lineup, whether it is anti-reverse or suppressing opponents, if there is no strong breakthrough ability on the left and right sides of the striker. General, there is no winger assault-type offensive player who can tear the opponent's defense line. It will be especially difficult to give full play to their advantages and quickly take the lead! However, it seems that Wei Shihao, who is at the peak of his career, has an amazing performance immediately after returning from injury in the first stage. The momentum of his consecutive goals at the beginning of the season is still there, and he and Fernando are separated from each other. On the basis of this, it is also possible to change positions frequently, thus forming the effect of flying with two wings, which is extremely lethal to the opponent, and is currently the strongest weapon for Evergrande to win the game.




But if you want to continue this lineup, other positions have to make certain adjustments. After all, according to the rules, it is necessary to ensure that a U23 player is always on the court, and Yang Liyu, who used more before, seems to have certain limitations in the combination of strikers with them. If Wei Shihao and Fernando are used together, it will be better to cooperate with Exxon or even Talisca. In this way, the midfield and the backcourt also need to be changed. The current lineup of the Evergrande team is in a state of moving the whole body. The formation of Kashuai is particularly important!

但是,如果您想继续这个阵容,其他职位必须进行某些调整。毕竟,根据规则,有必要确保U23球员始终在场上,而以前使用更多的杨立宇似乎在将前锋与他们的组合上有一定的限制。如果韦世豪和费尔南多一起使用,最好与埃克森美孚甚至与塔里斯卡合作。这样,中场和后场也需要改变。恒大队目前的阵容处于移动整个身体的状态。 Kashuai的形成尤其重要!



With the injury of Micro Motion Wing, the left-back curse seems to be still fermenting. After blessing Xiao Gao's speedy recovery, it is the only way for the two sides to find a player to replace this position in the second round. According to current analysis, Kashuai has 3 choices for the left-back. First, it must be Wu Shaocong, who played well in the previous game. After all, the current emergence and rise of Wu Shaocong, the new force, can not only help the team, but also solve the problem of having to use a U23 player. Then Yang Liyu, who has performed poorly recently, can be vacated for the two strikers mentioned above. One of the players, this can ensure that the team's offensive power is in a strong state. If there is no accident, such a match will appear in the second round of the two sides. After all, the coach has always pursued the rule of whoever is in good shape. There is no room for maneuver in the knockout rounds. Every game must be won and the strength must be continued as much as possible.




Second, you can choose to use Zhong Yihao as a cameo. After all, in his limited playing time this season, the adaptation and performance of the left-back position can be said to be good. He has contributed and made mistakes. It is not the best, but it is not unusable. I still remember that Zhong Yihao sent an assist in the final round of the first stage against the Dalian people. In the second round, if Kashuai needs more left back to participate in the attack, Zhong Yihao can also choose; the third type of employment is Park Ji-soo as a guest left back, Mei Fang replaces the Korean position, and Jiang Guangta forms a double center back. The author thinks that this kind of employment is relatively conservative, and the requirement for the left back must also be defensive than offensive, but at present, it is still risky to disassemble the best center back of the team. I remember that there have been obvious mistakes in Luneng's operation because of this. Now that China Fortune has the same tall Malkang, it may not be a wise move to easily dismantle the central defender combination that has formed a tacit understanding without accidental injuries.




In the final analysis, there are too many people available to Evergrande. This is not a bad thing, but a trouble of happiness. As for who to use and who doesn’t, Kashuai really has to ponder for a long time... But what is certain is that the healthy competition within the team is fierce. Everyone has long been used to it and will cherish the opportunity to show themselves on the court and strive to win!




This can be further confirmed by the first round of the two sides: Goulart's data in the first stage of the game does not seem to be very good (3 goals and 1 assist), but his role on the field is obvious. Most of China has a threatening offensive. They are inseparable from the organization and series of Goulart. His inability to play has a great impact on China's offense, and there is no player in China that can replace him. Without his connection, the threat of China Fortune’s additional defensive counterattack has decreased. The key is that Malkang, a striker with a physical advantage, is often exhausted and unable to display his own characteristics. In terms of effectively cutting off the connection between Malkang and the others, which caused him to fall into the dilemma of solo and stray shots, the Evergrande team did a good job, and the second round of the game must persist. On the contrary, Huaxia Fortune wants to counterattack and make a difference, and it is still the top priority to play Malcon’s role well. Center Malcon is tall and has good foot skills. The total number of shots and the number of shots in the first stage are ranked first in the Super League. Although he has unlimited fire rights in China, many of them rely on the feeding of his teammates.




It is believed that China Fortune will still use the defensive counterattack-based tactics in the second round of the game, hoarding the main forces in the midfield, and the frontcourt relying on three foreign aids such as Marcan, Paulinho and Bua Touré to seize counterattack opportunities. In this game, Xie Feng has to deal with housework and cannot be commanded on the spot, but the acting coach will definitely not change his tactical intentions. In the face of Evergrande, China Fortune will stick to the strategy of defensive counterattack.




Evergrande is unbeaten






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